Happy Hands, Healthy Summer: Dr. Kalpesh Patil’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe


Summer is here, and so is the time for outdoor fun! But with all the playing, exploring, and adventure, it’s crucial to keep our kids’ hands clean and happy. Dr. Kalpesh Patil, a caring pediatric surgeon in Pune, shares some easy tips to make hand hygiene a breeze during the sunny season.

  1. Teach Them the ABCs of Hand-Washing:

Dr. Patil suggests starting with the basics – teach your little ones the ABCs of hand-washing. Use soap and water, and make sure they scrub every nook and cranny. Singing a short hand-washing song together can turn this into a fun routine, ensuring they wash for at least 20 seconds, just like magic!

  1. Make It Fun:

Turn hand-washing into a game! Let your kids pick out their own soap with cool colors or fun shapes. Dr. Patil recommends using soap that smells nice or has their favorite characters on it. When they enjoy the process, they’re more likely to keep those hands sparkling clean.

  1. Pack Hand Sanitizer for On-the-Go:

When water and soap aren’t around, Dr. Kalpesh Patil suggests having a superhero sidekick – a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Teach your kids how to use it properly, and let them know it’s like a secret weapon against invisible germs. It’s perfect for quick clean-ups during picnics, park visits, or ice cream outings!

  1. Avoid Touching Their Face:

Dr. Patil reminds parents to gently encourage their kids to avoid touching their faces with dirty hands. Our eyes, nose, and mouth are like VIP entrances for germs. By keeping hands away from their face, kids can stay one step ahead in the germ-fighting game.

  1. Keep Hands Clean After Outdoor Activities:

After all the outdoor excitement – whether it’s playing in the sand, swimming, or climbing trees – Dr. Kalpesh Patil advises making a pitstop for hand cleaning. A quick wash or a splash of hand sanitizer can help wash away those adventure germs, keeping our little explorers safe and sound.


As kids bask in the sunshine and enjoy summer’s adventures, Dr. Kalpesh Patil encourages parents to keep their hands happy and healthy. By making hand hygiene a part of the fun, we can ensure our little ones stay safe from germs and infections. So, let’s sing, play, and keep those hands clean – it’s the secret to a joyful and healthy summer!

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